What are Wild Patterns?

Wild patterns are a little like your run of the mill patterns in that you need to create a distinct design to win the game. However, with wild patterns there are no set numbers that the pattern must be formed from, meaning it can be found anywhere on the bingo board.
To explain this further, let’s take the clock pattern example from earlier. Let’s say for argument’s sake that the usual clock pattern is made with numbers B2, 3 & 4, I16 and 20, N31, 33 & 35, G46, 49 & 50 and O62, 63 & 64. Well, in a wild pattern, these numbers can be different as long as the pattern is still produced in the same way. So, where your clock may have started at B2, it may now not start until B10, incorporating the spaces around it to create the pattern.

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