Bingo Patterns

Bingo Patterns

When playing bingo, the most common way of winning is to complete a line, two lines or full house. But that is not the only variation of the popular game. Sometimes, when playing 75 ball bingo either online or in person, you may be required to complete a pattern instead. These patterns can take the form of an object from everyday life or a symmetrical pattern, for example.
There are literally hundreds of bingo patterns to be found online and some of the most popular patterns are animal related, with patterns resembling butterflies, dogs and fish commonly found. Others may include a smiley face, an anchor or airplane.
Knowing which pattern is required to win your game is simple, as the pattern you need to recreate is shown somewhere on your screen when playing online. This visual aid is also useful to help you see which numbers form the pattern, so you can be certain of how close (or not) you are to winning.

Cultural Differences

It is worth noting that patterns will vary from country to country, with some patterns more suited to a US market than a UK. Much like bingo calls, popular culture can influence the popularity of a pattern with sports-related patterns such as a baseball diamond or end zone more common in the US. Food-related patterns are also more likely to be found on the other side of the pond, with chicken drumsticks and French fry patterns regular additions to the 75-ball game. Here in the UK, a pound sign pattern may be found, whereas this could be replaced by a dollar or a cent pattern in the US.

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